Climate. Energy. Nature.

Maximum climate comfort with low energy consumption - that is our mission. That is why we have developed our own ecological concept. And that is something to be proud of!

The energy consumption of our building is around 50 percent below the requirements of the Thermal Insulation Ordinance. We achieve this by using geothermal energy for heating and cooling, solar energy for heating service water and photovoltaics for generating electricity. The system is rounded off by higher insulation of the building envelope and triple-glazed windows.

In addition, we have implemented various measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, which we implement together as a team.

With our versatile ecological concept, we were awarded the TOP Hotel Opening Award in the category "Business" in 2011. Since 2012 we are a "Certified Green Hotel" and in 2018 we were awarded the sustainability seal by We are proud that our ecological philosophy has been documented, certified and awarded several times.

We make our contribution to the protection of the environment not only through innovative thinking and action, but also attach great importance to the fact that the measures are implemented every day and lived by our employees.

Waste disposal

Our environmentally friendly waste disposal policy is based on the goal of avoiding and recycling waste. We are actively committed to minimizing the environmental impact of waste and promoting sustainable solutions. This includes, among other things, implementing waste separation systems, promoting recycling and composting practices, and reducing single-use packaging and using reusable or recyclable materials wherever possible.

We also work closely with local recycling and waste management companies to ensure that our waste is properly disposed of and recycled. In addition, we raise awareness of the importance of waste prevention among our employees and guests, and encourage them to participate.

Suppliers and products

An important focus of our procurement is on regional suppliers. We prefer products from suppliers in our region to minimize transport distances and support the local economy. We also pay attention to species-appropriate animal husbandry, food in organic quality and prefer seasonal products to ensure the sustainability of our meals.

In addition, we are committed to using environmentally friendly products and materials. Where possible, we rely on sustainable alternatives, thereby reducing our environmental impact. In doing so, we pay attention to both the quality and the environmental impact of the products we use.

Our hotel places great emphasis on using regional products in our cuisine. By working with local farmers and producers, we aim to promote an appreciation for regional resources and the diversity of local agriculture. This allows us to use authentic, fresh and high quality ingredients in our cuisine, while minimizing the environmental impact of long transportation routes.


As a member hotel of "TOP 250 Germany - The best conference hotels in Germany", we offer special conditions in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn for a relaxed and environmentally friendly journey to an event at our hotel.

The e-charging station, which is available to our guests, offers a further service in that electric vehicles can be conveniently charged directly at the hotel. With this, we would like to offer an environmentally friendly mobility option and facilitate travel with electric vehicles.