The Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe-Airport wins the Grand Prix "selected conference hotels for well-being" in the category "100 rooms and more". This year, the 23rd Grand Prix "selected conference hotels for well-being" took place at the Intergastra. The competition is made up of three categories: conference hotels with less than 100 rooms, conference hotels with 100 rooms and more as well as pure conference venues. With its 220 rooms, the Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe-Airport ranks in the second category. The Grand Prix of the conference hotel industry is one of the most important industry awards. This [GS1] year, 16,743 conference decision-makers, trainers and personnel developers received ballots to vote for up to ten hotels. With 4,180 votes answered, the response rate was at 27 percent. "We are incredibly proud that we have won in our category. It shows how much our guests feel at home with us and appreciate the friendly service of our staff as well as the cosy ambience", said Andrea Scheidtweiler, Managing Director of the Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe-Airport. "We are also delighted that in our fifth year, we were able to improve our rate once more", adds Director Elouan Pêcheur. The platform and the book "selected conference hotels for well-being" form the basis of the competition. In order to be included in the circle of selected hotels, the application is followed by a multi-stage selection process, which ends with a visit by an author. The author then decides on the admission on-site. This year, 16 out of 179 applicants were rejected. We can also congratulate our partner hotel again this year. The Parkhotel Pforzheim made the 9th place in the same category. After three successful years at the Grand Prix of the conference hotel business, the Parkhotel will now retire for two years.

[GS1] [GS1] Im Deutschen ist hier ein Rechtschreibfehler. Richtig wäre:

In diesem Jahr erhielten 16.743 Tagungsentscheider, Weiterbildner, Trainer und Personalentwickler Stimmzetteln, um für bis zu zehn Hotels abzustimmen.